Online Orders

If you wish to order online, please go to your chosen product’s page and fill the form, or send us the following information by email:

  • Name of product
  • Personalised configuration
  • Colour
  • Any individual wish

If you need any help with filling the size sheet, you find extended information in the following pdf document, or you can watch our youtube videos with further instructions by clicking the link below.


  • When taking measurements measure the leg loosely or tightly depending on your wishes (whether you would like them tight or rather loosely)
  • The best would be to measure the leg in riding trousers, but if it can’t be please mention us the thickness of the trousers and whether there are pads on them (leather or textile)
  • In case of high instep and troubleful putting on, the zipmodel would be the best ( jumping model – laces in the front and zip at the back )
  • In case of very narrow foot the jumping model is more suitable
  • At narrow foot where the 7th measure doesn’t reach the 4th, the measures of number 7 and 9 should be put up till measure of number 4