Polo boots


  • upper part: specially prepared chrome-side leather
  • lining: special preparation
  • sole: chrome side, non-slip rubber sole on request


On request


Zipper in the front. The outside is prepared according to our own method: on the outside there's a stiff chrome-side leather, then we use a tough stiffening material to protect the wearer against injuries during horse polo. Then there's a soft, 3-4 millimeters thick material that absorbs any hits to the feet, and last, a soft lining (we use the same method at the ankle for additional protection). These materials ensure that wearing these boots is comfortable despite the thick protective outside. Upon request, we can craft these boots for regular riding, without the thick protective layer and with a leather of your choosing, but the soft material at the ankle is suggested in this case as well.


The quality of our polo boots is acknowledged in the Louis Vuitton Budapest City Guide 2013, which feature our shop as a recommended visit.

The inside of the boots is not thick so the rider and horse can have the necessary contact during riding.

The sole can be made in two ways:

  • handmade with wooden nails
  • handmade with single stitched sole

Due to the heavy strain these boots will need to endure, the recommended preparation method is the stitched sole, with a rubber non-slip sole.

The polo model can also be made for street wear, in this case the leather is softer and the boots are made for comfortable everyday use.